And You Thought YOUR College Roommate was Bad!

So at one point or another you might have thought that you college roommate was the most vile person to grace the hallowed halls of your dormitory but wait until you meet this girl!  In ScreenGems latest picture, The Roommate Leighton Meester plays Mink Kelly's roommate from hell.  Now while the plot may seem pretty contrived what is cool about it is that it has a 1990's horror flick vibe and almost feels reminiscent of I Know What You did Last Summer.  You can almost picture a young Jennifer Love Hewitt playing Kelly's role.  Which leads me to the next interesting thing about this movie; it puts Minka Kelly in a leading on screen role, which in my opinion should have been done a long time ago.  For those of you who don't know Minka she play Lyla Garrity on NBC's hit show Friday Night Lights.  On the show you watch her character transform from this prissy Daddy's girl to an independent, very likable young woman.  It seems that with this kind of versatility that Kelly will command the big screen.  And for all you Gossip Girl fans out there I'm sure your guaranteed a very bitchy bordering scary Leighton Meester performance!  Check out the trailer her!



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