The Twilight saga has finally sucked me in; as well as my integrity

Like most things in my life; Facebook, Pop music and Romantic Comedies I try as long as I can to avoid them but then the inevitable happens...I give in and indulge in what most people consider irrelevant parts of life. So as much as I hate to admit this, I have finally fallen heads over heals for the Twilight saga. I caught the first for free on TV and then came to the conclusion that I must see New Moon much to the dismay of those around me. Although I have not had the opportunity to watch it, I'm sure that New Moon won't disappoint! Unfortunately, with the upcoming release of Eclipse I am now on a time limit to indulge in my Twilight cheesiness(this stuff is just as bad as Ben and Jerry's Chubby Hubby)one is not enough, I must have more!

Check out the trailer:



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