The TV Intro...

One of the most overlooked parts of a television show but happens to be one of the most important pieces of the entire show's puzzle...the forgotten opening credits. When we sit down to wach television we are trying to vacate our terribly long work days and unwind so it is easy to understand why the intro to our favorite tv show is often not payed attention to. We are in anticipation for our show, the characters we've grown to the love, the drama or the funny lines that are about to be delivered; We are not focused on what is happening before that, an eyelash not batted at it. However, at a closer look I've realized that the intro is so pivotal and one of the main reasons that I like a lot of the tv shows that I do. It pulls us in, and makes us want to see what is going to follow it. The images and music used for a television series often defines it and makes it what it is. So people, let's stop overlooking the intro and pay it some much needed respect!

Here a few openings that I absolutely LOVE and think that you will too!

Veronica Mars Season 3

True Blood

How to make it in America



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