Drugs destroying Hollywood

So I log onto my twitter account just like any other day and as my eyes scroll down the updates they don't get too far before coming across "R.I.P. Corey Haim". After seeing this, I googled Corey to see what could have caused this tragic event to happen. To my dismay although there is no evidence of illegal substances there is speculation of an accidental drug overdose. At the young age of 38, Corey Haim the star of one of my favorite 80's movies Lucas had passed away. I absolutely loved Corey in his role as a geeky wannabe cool guy, battling for the affection of the new girl in school. His smile really lit up the screen. Sadly, Haim is one in a string of recent celebrity deaths due to drug overdose.; Heath Ledger, Dj AM and Brittany Murphy. Now, I love the entertainment industry as much as the next person but not when it is taking the lives of its young talent. The lesson needs to be learned here that drugs and actors should not have a direct correlation! The only point that such terrible events can serve is to hopefully educate the new, young, members of Hollywood to steer clear of harmful substances.



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