A Whole Lotta Love

HBO shows have always been on the cutting edge and possess a high quality of production, hence why it is so easy to like and tune in every week. I have recently been watching Big Love. It took some time to really dive into this show, since it is on the slower side I had a tendency to brush it off as pretty mundane. However, much like the highly acclaimed Mad Men series on AMC, Big Love has gone from a very slow building drama to a more fast paced show in its third season, taking a page right of Mad Men's book. And can you blame them? Mad Men is an undeniably brilliant show. Big Love has changed its opening credits and leaves viewers on the edge of their seats; wondering what trouble can these "gee golly", big haired Mormons will get into next? In doing, it has a whole new group of viewers falling in love with Big Love!

Big Love Season 3 Opening



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