Oh Captain, My Captain

Not too long ago, millions of viewers along with myself were enamored with newcomer Chris Pine's revamping of Captain Kirk in Star Trek. He made space (and that spandex suit) actually seem pretty badass! Now Pine is rumored to play another Captain, Captain America an upcoming version of Captain America. A few months ago I actually has the pleasure of meeting Chris while he was working here in Pittsburgh. We didn't talk much, but for the short time we did he was super nice and in my opinion his perfect "all American" look would make Pine a perfect fit for the role. Although there are several canidates for this role such as Chad Michael Murray and Jensen Akles, Cinemaspy have metioned that they believe Pine could be up for the role. So I am wondering if comic book lovers, movie goers, and the female community that gushes over Pine along with casting all agree that he will make a great Captain America?

Me and Chris



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