Justin Timberlake: Is his Career Cooked?

Not even close, just roasted. Justin will be honored at Harvard University as Man of the Year with a roast, and will also receive the Hasty Pudding Pot trophy. Justin is in good company in being honored with this award with the likes of James Franco who was last years recipient. The smooth singing and dancing Pop Star is acknowledge for his talents; he was deemed "one of our generation's greatest entertainers" by the University. And I would have to agree. For those that don't know me, I'm a big JT fan; ever since those 'Nsync days when I would plaster up Teen Bop Magazine pictures on my wall (Wow, can't believe I just admitted that). However, I have grown with Justin and been taken on the journey from Justified to FutureSex/LoveSounds and concur with Harvard's decision. Justin continues to get better! He has also branched out into acting; and from his stints on SNL, to his role as the comedic relief in "Alpha Dog" he certainly has solidified himself as an all around entertainer. Which also must be why Glee is interested in having him on the show in the upcoming episodes! Clearly, Justin's career is nowhere near done, and I think there is still more great performances and music to come. I cannot wait to see what he brings our way next!

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