For those without a dvr...coverage of the People's Choice Awards

If your are like me and aren't at home to catch the big game or your favorite show since you're busy slaving away for "the man" and also don't have the luxury of a dvr here's what you've missed at the People's Choice Awards.
Complete List of Winners

The stars...

Carrie Underwood looking gorgeous

Whether or not you fell in love with vampires in '09 you certainly can't deny them in 2010!

While some of the cast may be missing from this pic there is nothing missing from this breakout show of 2009 and anticipation grows for it's return in 2010!

The People's Choice Awards kicks off award season and is pivotal and also in my opinion one of the more meaningful award shows since it speaks for the common viewer. The one that sit on the couch in sweatpants with Dorito crumbs on their lap. I also enjoy this award since it is a cheat sheet or a guide rather as to what catch up and watch or listen to.



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