Stay Warm This Winter With a Trip to the Shore!

Well it didn't take long for MTV to bring us a new reality show...introducing the Jersey Shore. The show that is the real world that leaves you with a dirty salt water after taste. What especially draws me into the show is the fond memories it brings me of the Summer I spent down at the shore with my friends. What is most interesting about the show is unlike the Real WOrld which brings us all types of stereotypes...I mean people, the Jersey Shore focuses on particular type of persona "The Guido and the female version The Guidette." Besides "My New Haircut" there really hasn't been any social commentary on the subject.

On the one hand it is entertaining to to see into this world of the Guido and Guidette but on the other hand where does one draw the line between having pride in your heritage and feeding into a stereotype of what they think they should be. Whatever it is the show is definitely worth tuning into for a good laugh and to immerse yourself into a whole new type of lifestyle that is composed of tanning, the gym, protein shakes and did I mention tanning?? So grab the sun tan lotion and your stunna shades and get ready for the Jersey Shore, Thursdays at 10.

So you know The Jersey Shore is getting big when Michael Cera is rockin' a blowout



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