Why John Mayer Just Keeps Getting Better

Although he tends to get further and further from the "No such thing" and "Your body is a wonderland" John Mayer that I fell in love with when he first came out I don't love him any less. And one thing that is for sure is that although he's gotten less poppy his talent and art have not suffered by doing so. Battle Studies is a great story abut Love: love you've lost, love you've thought you were in control of, love that you've never had before...and so on. Sure, he can easily be written off due to his good looks and "oh so charming" tweets; However, do not dismiss him. And although he may talk a lot of crap sometimes this man has the guitar and lyrical talent to back it up. And to add to his accomplishments check out a great article about the sales of Battle Studies thus far at e-online.

This album has also produced one of my favorite JM videos to date with "Who Says"

As well "Assasin" which is one of my favorite tracks from JM since "3x5

Footage from recent JM concert in Columbus, Oh

A couple of concert pics as well:



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